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Group Discussion Assessment work-around

Authored by: Tanya Joosten
Authored on: Aug 28, 2008 3:26 PM
Subject: Group Discussion Assessment

I put my students into 4 groups for discussion topics, so there are 4 topics generated under each discussion assignment forum. I would like each group topic to link to ONE assessment item since each group is completing the same assignment. However, when I link the group 1 topic to the grade item, I can't link the group 2 topic to the grade item.

Is this a known issue? It makes it impossible to use the discussion assessment feature for group projects.

Also, I can only add a number. It seems that we cannot leave comments for the students. Help??

Re: Group Discussion Assessment

Jeannette Brewer Aug 29, 2008 1:19 PM

Hi Tanya,

It's not exactly a known issue, but I do know that that is not a current feature of the Discussion Tool. Your best bet is to create separate grade items, one for each group discussion, and then use the Formula Grade item to calculate their grade for that particular assignment. If you hide the four grade items from the class and only show the formula grade item, then they'll never know. It is a more complex workaround for you, but I have seen it before for a variety of group assignments, especially before we had group dropboxes.

It's true that there is no comments area when grading messages in the Discussion Board. That feature request has been submitted and hopefully we'll see something soon. An alternative is to leave comments to them in the Grades tool.

Thanks for the suggestions! I hope to see some new features for Discussion grading sometime in the future.

Jeannette Brewer
trainer, Desire2Learn