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The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

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Sorting Dropbox Submissions by Submission Date

quoting our friends at the Learn@UW hosting utility:

Sorting Dropbox Submissions by Submission Date

In the Dropbox tool, on the 'Users' tabbed page on the 'Folder Submissions' page, attempts to sort by Submission Date (either up or down) do not have the desired effect. In fact, the submissions are sorted by the user's First Name instead. However, on the 'Files' tabbed page, sorting by Submission Date works.

D2L has informed us that the sort functions on the 2 tabs (Users and Files) work slightly differently from one another. On the Users tab, the sort is set up based on user, then the files they have submitted. The date sort function would be used if a student had uploaded 2 files on 2 different dates, but the list will still be sorted by student. For the *Users* tabbed page, the Date Submitted is a SECONDARY key whereas the PRIMARY key is always the user name. The Files tab, as it suggests, is by the individual file and not by who submitted it.