We've MOVED!

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Sign-up Sheet

There is no "sign-up sheet" option available in D2L, but we do have some suggestions.

Suggestions for work-arounds include:

- set up self-enrolling groups in D2L, one for each time slot

- create a file and make it public in a group Locker where students can sign up and post the document back into the locker

- using a discussion forum where you can post your open slots and students can respond with their desired time

- or, you could create a survey where students choose their top 3 selections and then work from there.

Other possibilities, if you are interested, would be to create something using an outside tool and link to it from D2L.

One tool that might help you in this way would be Google Docs (doc.google.com).

Another is an online service called Doodle (http://www.doodle.ch/main.html).A member of our staff participated in Doodle "polls" and they have worked very well. She created a sample "poll" that would act as a signup sheet, to demonstrate the functionality: http://www.doodle.ch/participation.html?pollId=6byey8x6bpsnymwh

Finallly, http://www.wejoinin.com/ was used by one of our staff members to set-up office hours and works pretty well.

Hope this helps!