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Duplicate names in list displays

In any D2L tool that displays a list of names, it is possible that one name will be omitted from certain list views, and another with the same name will appear twice.

Whenever the names at the break point in the display have the same name in the primary sort field, the problem can occur.

For example,
  • if two individuals with the same last name are at positions 20 and 21 in a list that is sorted by last name, and
  • the page is viewed 10 or 20 users at a time, then
  • the 20th user may be excluded from the list, and
  • the 21st will appear at the bottom of one page and the top of the next.
Changing the number of names displayed per page (in this case: to 50, 100, or 200) solves the problem.

The same problem can occur when sorting by first name if users at the page break have the same first name.

This behavior is a bug that D2L is aware of and working to correct.

Workaround: Choose to display the list with a different number of users per page, or sort on a different field.

Source: [Learn@UW Utility] Service Announcements (02/19/2009)