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The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Sending Chat Messages as a Participant in Online Rooms

With Chat, you can send the following types of messages:

For more information see: http://library.blackboard.com/ref/8fb6da4a-0569-4d9e-89f3-c32ec8370cd9/content/source_files_-_moderators_and_participants_guides/chat/chat_panel.htm

Chat Activity and Permission Indicators

You can monitor the state of Chat activity and permissions through indicators displayed in the Participants list of the Participants panel.

For more information, click here.

Viewing Chat Messages

New Chat messages appear at the bottom of the conversation pane of the Chat panel. You can scroll back and forth to read messages in the conversation pane.

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Conversation Tabs

When chatting in Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing, you can participate in more than one conversation at a time. These conversations take place under conversation tabs. When a session begins, there are no conversation tabs.

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Adding Emoticons to your Chat Message

You can add emoticons to your Chat messages by selecting them from the Chat Emoticon menu or by entering text strings in the Chat message text field. The text string equivalent of the emoticon selected in the Emoticon menu is displayed in the bottom left corner of the menu.

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Adding External Links to your Chat Message

You can include HTTP links in your Chat messages either by typing them in directly, copying and pasting them or dragging and dropping them from a browser or email message. Recipients of your messages will be able to click on the links to open web sites in their default browsers.

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