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Online Rooms - Using the Polling Feature Wizard

Using the Polling Feature Wizard Quick Reference Guide

The Polling feature allows you to poll your participants at any time using one of four different types of polls: Yes/No, Multiple-Choice (A-C, A-D or A-E), and Class Pace. You can use Polling to obtain quick responses to verbal or written questions. The poll type can be changed as many times as needed during a session. The Yes/No poll type is the default. By saving the Whiteboard, anonymous polling results can be saved and reviewed later in or out of a Blackboard Collaborate session.

Polling Types:

Type of Poll

Response Buttons


Multiple Choice Option 1

Multiple Choice Option 2

Multiple Choice Option 3

To Poll Participants

1. From the Tools menu, select Polling, select Type and select the type of poll you wish to use. Or select Polling from the Global Options menu. The default is Yes/No.

2. Present the polling question to the Participants verbally or on the Whiteboard.

3. Instruct the Participants to respond using the available response options. The options are located in the Participants panel. Click the Polling Response Menu and click the desired response.

Viewing and Clearing Polling Results

While conducting a Poll, the Moderator will see the results tabulated under the Polling Response Menu. To delete the responses, click the Clear button.

Hide and Show Responses

Determine if you wish to show or hide the polling responses from the participants by selecting or deselecting Make Responses Visible from the Tools > Polling menu.

Locking Responses

The Moderator can choose to lock the polling responses to prevent Participants from changing their answer. Select Lock Responses from Tools > Polling.

Publishing Reponses to the Whiteboard

Publishing the responses places a graphical representation of the results on the Whiteboard.


  • Use Polling to break up the session and engage Participants.

  • Use the Whiteboard to present your Polling question along with the responses.

  • Hide the Polling results from your Participants until they have responded to ensure honest feedback. Reveal the results only after everyone has responded.

  • If the Polling results were shown to the Participants they will also be shown in the recording. Hidden results are not recorded.