We've MOVED!

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Audio Capture

The Audio Capture tool allows both students and instructors to record and post audio files within D2L.

Audio Capture is available in the News, Discussions, and Dropbox areas of D2L.  

  • Maximum length of recording using the Audio Capture tool is one minute.
  • The recorded audio is posted in D2L as file attachments in .wav format.
  • The recorded audio file is not saved to the Manage Files area of the D2L course site.
  • Audio Capture works best with Firefox and Safari browsers; other browsers are problematic.
  • Please see the posting for Document Viewer in Dropbox for more information on providing audio feedback in Dropbox.

1a. To record audio for a News item, from "Course Home," click on the green plus sign to open a screen for you to create a new "News" post. 

1b. To record audio for a Discussions post, click on [Discussions] in the Navigation Bar, then select forum and topic, then compose a new message.

2. Under "Attachments," click on [Record Audio] 

3. A screen will pop up displaying the D2L capture audio feature. The first time you open the capture audio feature, you will notice a second smaller pop up window for "Adobe Flash Player Settings."

4. To use the audio capture feature, click "Allow."  (The default choice is "Deny.") You can also choose to check the box that says "Remember" under "Allow" if you do not want to be prompted with the Adobe Flash pop-up window each time you go to use this feature.

5. After you have allowed the Adobe Flash Player Settings, you will be able to use the capture audio feature. The red record button allows you to record up to 1 minute of audio. When you are finished recording, click [Add].

D2L 9.4.1 – January 2012