We've MOVED!

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Edit display options for artifacts in ePortfolio presentation

Edit the display options for artifacts in a presentation

  1. Open the context menu (drop-down) for the item.
  2. Select Edit Display Options.
  3. Change the Title or Description of the item, if desired.
    Note  This will only change the title or description within the presentation.
  4. Select whether you want the artifact to display in-place or as a link.
  5. Select whether you want to auto-fit the artifact to the content area it is displayed in, or maintain its original size (if applicable).
  6. Select which reflections associated with the artifact to display in the presentation (if applicable).
  7. Select the appropriate options related to displaying comments and assessments.
    Note  The following file types may be displayed in-place: HTML, AVI, BMP, Flash and Shockwave Flash, GIF, JPG, MP3, PNG, QuickTime, RealAudio, WAV and WMV.