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The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Creating a Random Quiz in D2L

Random quizzes pull questions from folders in the D2L Question Library. Questions can be imported into folders in the Library, or they can be entered directly into such folders. Creating a question (or questions) in a folder is similar to creating a question in a New Quiz. The key to an effective random quiz is to start with enough questions in one (or more) folders in the library from which a random quiz would choose a subset. This tutorial assumed that you have already created folders in the Library with your questions. If you want to import questions into Library folders, consider taking a Quizzing Workshop offered by the LTC. Finally, it is possible (and pedagogically useful) not only to create random quizzes/exams, but to randomize the options in multiple choice questions. This must be done by checking randomize options for each question in the D2L Question Library folders. Remember that if you choose this strategy, you must modify questions with options such as a & b are correct, or none or the above are correct.

  1. Logon to D2L, open your course site and click on Quizzes.
  2. Click on New.
  3. In the Properties tab, name the quiz.

  4. In the Restrictions tab, note that the quiz you are creating is inactive; be sure to make the quiz active when you are ready for students to take it.
    1. Optional: Set the dates during which students will be able to access the quiz.
    2. Set the time limit for the quiz (the time a student has to complete the quiz once they start it.
    3. Select a grace period and/or a late limit if you wish.
    4. Selecting enforce provides students with a countdown timer while they take the quiz, and flags late submissions.
    5. Select Auto–Submit if you want the students' quiz attempt to be submitted at the end of the exam + grace + late limit period. When Auto-Submit is selected, the student can continue to take the exam for as long as they like, but there score will be based only on questions completed by the end of the exam time limits.
    6. Advanced Availability is used to provide special conditions of access to the quiz. Contact the LTC for more information.

    7. In the Attempts tab, select the number of attempts students will have for your quiz or exam, and indicate how their attempts will be scored.

    8. The Submission Views tab controls what students will see after they submit their quiz. You can also schedule the appearance of different kinds of quiz/exam keys in this tab., Contact the LTC when you are ready to use this feature or the Reports tab features.

     5. The Layout/Questions Tab is where you add questions to your quiz.  There are several ways to 
         enter questions into a quiz.  The following instructions are for using questions in the Question  
         Library to create a random quiz with multiple choice and True/False questions.

  1.      Click Layout/Questions, & then Add/Edit Questions.
  2.      Next to Create New: click to select Section & click Create New.  

     c. In the next screen, enter a name for your new section (e.g., Quiz 1) and click Save.

     d. Your new-named section appears on the next screen.

     e. Click on the new section and in the next screen, see the message: “ There are currently no sections 
        or questions contained in this section.”  This time, next to Create New: select Random Section and 
        click Create New.

    f. Enter a name for your new random section (e.g., Quiz 1 MC, for multiple choice) and click Save

    g. Your new-named section appears next to a purple folder icon on the next screen.

    h. Repeat steps f and g to create a random section (purple folder) for T/F (True/False) questions if 
        you wish.  Contact the LTC for some suggestions about how to further organize more complex 
        quizzes and exams.
6. When you have the number of random folders you need for the different kinds of questions in your   
   quiz/exam, you are ready to add questions to your folders.  Follow the next few instructions for each 
   group of questions to be placed in the different random (purple) folders. 

  1.      Click on the first of the random sections (e.g., Quiz 1 MC).  In the next screen, click Import.

  1.      At Source Section in the next screen, select the library question folder containing your questions (e.g., biotest MC).  The next screen will show the folder you selected along with all of the questions in the folder.

    c. In this screen, place a check mark in the questions you want to include in your random quiz/exam, or 
     simply select all of the questions by placing a check next to the folder (best practice).  Then click Save.

    d. You will see a list of the selected questions in the next screen. 

In this screen, select the number of these questions that should appear at random in each student’s quiz/exam.  You can also select a point value for each question.   Then click Save.  Note: a fast progress bar will show at the bottom right of the screen after which you’ll be in the same window.  Click on Back to Quiz Layout/Questions.

     f.  You will be returned to the Layout/Questions screen, which indicates that you have selected a set 
          of random questions from the Quiz 1 MC folder. 

     g. To add questions from other question library folders to your random quiz, click on Add/Edit 
         Questions and repeat steps 5b through 5d, each time selecting a different question folder and   
         choosing the number of questions from that folder to include on the random quiz/exam.  

     h. After adding questions from a folder, click Save Quiz.  Don't forget to save your quiz after adding 
         the last batch of questions!