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Adding someone to your D2L course site

Question: How do I add an instructor or TA to my course site?

Important: Students who add or drop a course through PAWS are also automatically added or dropped from the corresponding D2L Classlist overnight (excluding holidays). Manually adding or deleting a student via the D2L Classlist will conflict with the overnight update process, yielding unintended consequences.

To add individuals to a D2L course site:

· Click [Classlist] on your navigation bar
· Click on [Add Participants]
· Click on [Add an existing user]
· In the search box, type only the ePanther username (NOTE: if the person doesn't have an ePantherID or you are not sure what it is, search for them by last name)
· Click on [Search]
· In the search results, click to check the box beside the correct person’s name
· Use the dropdown menu to select the desired Role
· Click on [Enroll Selected Users]

Note: You can do a lot more than just enroll people from your Classlist. You can: 
  • remove people from your Classlist
  • change their role
  • view people’s profile pages
  • see what items they have accessed in your course site
  • send email to individuals or groups

Check it out!

D2L 9.2.1 SP3 – September 2011