We've MOVED!

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Getting Started with a New D2L Course Site

When an instructor first opens a new D2L site, it will be blank except for the D2L News.

To begin working in your D2L course site:

1. Check to confirm you are in your own course by confirming the title matches what you're expecting.

2. We suggest that you create a "Welcome" message in the News area to greet your students and let them know who you are an where to find the information you want them to use. For example, you may wish to direct them to your syllabus by telling them to click on [Content].

3. When you are ready for the students to see your D2L site, you will need to make it "Active." To do this, click on [Edit Course]. On the next page, click [Course Offering Information], mark the checkbox beside "IsActive," then click [Save].

D2L 9.4.1 - January 2012