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The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Add a Point to a Grade Item

Sometimes, an instructor has reason to add a point to every student's grade on a Quiz or assignment.  

Click this link to see instructions for changing the scoring for a particular Quiz Question.  

Another way to add a point to every student's score is to export the scores for the grade item and make the addition in Excel.  Here's how:

  1. Log into D2L, go to your course, and click on [Grades]
  2. Click on [Export Grades]
  3. Select 'Both' in Key Field, 'Points Grade' in Grade Values, and 'First Name'  & 'Last Name' in User Details
  4. Under "Grades to Export," check the grade item for the quiz or assignment that needs attention
  5. Click [Export to CSV]
  6. (If it doesn't open automatically, you'll need to open the .csv file in Excel)
  7. *In the spreadsheet that shows up, write the following formula in the cell at the end of the row for the first student: =if(XY
  8. Hit [Enter]
  9. Copy the formula down the column for all students
  10. Copy all the new scores and paste them in the same column using the 'paste special' function so that the formula calculations become actual numbers
  11. Copy the new scores again, and this time paste them into the column with the orgiinal scores (thus replacing them)
  12. Delete all columns except Username, the new scores column and the End-of-Line Indicator column with all the pound signs
  13. Make sure that cell B1 text ends after the phrase 'Points Grade'
  14. Save the file as a csv file and re-import the scores into D2L

*In case you are not familiar with writing formulas in Excel, here's a real formula example where the original scores are in column e in my spreadsheet:
 =if(e2<100,(e2+1),e2).  This means "if the score in cell e2 is less than 100, add one point, otherwise just copy the score in e2".

Many thanks to the LTC's Gerry Bergtrom for these instructions!