We've MOVED!

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Importing ePortfolio Items

On rare occasions, you may need to import an ePortfolio item (for example, if your instructor is giving you a pre-made template of a Presentation to use).

Step 1:

1. Click on "Import/Export" in the left-hand navigation area
2. Select "Import ePortfolio Content"
3. Click [Choose File]
4. Browse to the file on your desktop and select it
5. Click [Next]

Step 2: After D2L has unpacked the item, click [Import All Items]

Step 3: Click [Open processing pop-up] to see how your import is progressing.

When it is complete, you can go to the appropriate areas of your ePortfolio to see the imported items.

D2L 9.2.1 SP6 – November 2011