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The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Sharing ePortfolio Presentations in the Discussions

You can easily share an ePortfolio Presentation in a D2L Discussion.

Step 1: Set Presentation Permissions
To adjust the Permissions for the Presentation so that people can see your Presentation, please see:


Step 2: Create a Quicklink in a Discussion Posting

1. Go to the Discussion Forum and Topic where you will share your Presentation

2. Click [Compose] and create your message.

3. Link to your ePortfolio Presentation:

a. In the message toolbar, select the "Quicklink" icon (looks like a grey chain with an orange star above it)

b. In the pop-up window:

i. select "ePortfolio Item from the "Category" dropdown menu
ii. in the "Link Details" area, leave the "Source" as "My Items"
iii. in the "Item" area, click on "Select Item"
iv. from the list, select the Presentation you wish to share
v. in the "Page" area, select the page of your Presentation people will see first
vi. in the "Link Caption" area, type the text that people will click on to take them to your Presentation
vii. choose how your Presentation will open in the browser ("Same Frame" or "New Window" are recommended)
viii. click [Insert]

c. After the popup window closes, click [Post]

4. (Optional) If you wish, click to open your Discussion posting, then click on the Quicklink you created, to see if your Presentation opens for you. If not, either click [Edit Message] to try again -or- return to the ePortfolio area and double-check that the Permissions have been correctly set.

D2L 9.2.1 SP6 – November 2011