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Online Rooms - Using Web Tour

Using Web Tour Quick Reference Guide

Web Tour allows Moderators to take Participants to a series of websites via an embedded browser window within the Blackboard Collaborate content window. Web Tour allows Participants to interact independently with content in the window and allows Moderators to redirect participants to any link. Web Tour is a great way of taking users through a website and then allowing them to interact on their own. For example, you can use Web Tour to take attendees to a website and then have them individually research a topic or complete a survey.

Starting Web Tour

The Moderator is the only session participant that can start a Web Tour. To start:

1. Click the Web Tour button.

2. Type a URL and hit <ENTER> on the keyboard.

3. The webpage will appear in the Content window for all Participants.


The links are live for all Participants therefore they are free to navigate the website.

Follow Me is a Moderator options. When selected the Moderator is able to resynchronize all participants to a particular webpage by moving to that page.

Use the buttons to move to previously viewed pages.

Send a clickable URL to the Chat panel for Participants to bookmark or save.

Using Web Push

Web Push is designed to open a website on each participant’s computer in a browser window which is not embedded into Blackboard Collaborate. This will give each participant the opportunity to bookmark or save the website address. From the Options menu, select Open URL in Browser… The Moderator has no control over the pushed URL and cannot close the Participant’s browser window.


  • For websites that require users to log in, ensure that everyone has a username/password. Alternatively, you can use Application Sharing to allow participants to see your view of the website.

  • When using Web Push, ask participants to use the emoticons or polling checkmark to indicate they have saved the pushed website and are ready to continue.

  • List the website URLs that you plan to use during your session in a text document or store in you Notes library. Copy and paste the appropriate URL from this document.

  • Play music during a session or while people wait for the session to begin using the Web Tour feature. Use an existing website or set up your own webpage on which the music you would like to share plays automatically. Using Web Tour, enter the URL. This will open everyone’s browser and automatically play the music placed there. Participants who join late will also hear the music as Web Tour is active the moment they login.