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The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has moved to D2L version 10.

Updated help files are located at uwmltc.org


Online Rooms - Introduction to the Whiteboard

Using the Whiteboard Quick Reference Guide

The Whiteboard is the primary area for displaying content in a session. PowerPoint content can be loaded to the Whiteboard. Tools are available that allow all users to draw or write on the page. Multiple users can interact on a page simultaneously. Moreover, the pages are object oriented meaning that all objects placed on the Whiteboard can be edited. The Moderator controls access to the Whiteboard.

Managing Pages

The Moderator has the ability to:

  • Add New Pages

  • Clear content added to a Page

  • Remove a Page from the session

Available Whiteboard Tool

A full set of mark-up tools are available for all session participants from the free floating Tools Palette. The palette can be repositioned anywhere on the screen.


Properties Editor Palette

The Pen, Text, Shape and Line tools all have editable properties. The properties include the ability to change the color, line thickness known as stroke or font and font size for text. The Editor Palette will appear below the Tools Palette when the tool is chosen.

There are seven different pointers from which to choose. To change the pointer:

1. Click the Pointer tool.

2. Hold down the mouse and the pointer options will open.

3. Select the new pointer.

Using Clip Art

A standard library of Clip Art images and Background images are available for Moderators and for Participants if they have the Whiteboard permission. Customized Clip Art collections can be created and reused. See the full Moderator’s User Guide for more information.

To add Clip Art to a page:

1. Click the Clip Art button

2. Select the desired image from the tabbed library.


Using the Screen Capture

The Tools palette has a screen capture tool. This tool is used to capture a screen shot of another application or your desktop and paste the captured image on a Whiteboard page.

1. Click the Place a screen capture on the screen button.

2. Place the capture window over the region you would like to capture. Resize the capture region by clicking and dragging the capture window.

3. Click OK to create the screen captures.


4. You will be returned to the web conferencing Whiteboard. Place the screen capture on the Whiteboard by moving you mouse to the desired location and single click.

Managing Content on the Whiteboard Page

Content added to a page can be manipulated by selecting the content and right-clicking. From the menu there are a lot of options including:

  • Object alignment

  • Cut, Copy, Paste

  • Grouping

  • Properties

  • Explore Objects

Object Explorer

The Object Explorer is available by clicking Explore Objects… The Object Explorer tracks what has been placed on the Whiteboard and by whom. This is a great way for the Moderator to monitor content.


Whiteboard Tips

  • Create interactive Whiteboard activities to engage participants.

  • Conduct brainstorming activities on the Whiteboard.

  • Load animated GIF images to the page after static PowerPoint has been loaded.

  • Add clickable URLs to the page after PowerPoint content has been loaded.

  • Save the Whiteboards in WBD or WBP format to reuse in future sessions.

  • Save the Whiteboards as PDF to be viewed outside of a session.