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Online Rooms - Elevated Privileges

Users experiencing difficulty with application sharing or desktop sharing in Online Rooms may need to log into their local computer as an administrator.

The first time a user attempts application or desktop sharing, they may receive the following (very long) popup message.

  • If they are logged into their computer as an administrator, they can proceed by clicking OK.  
  • If not, they must log out of the computer and re-enter the session after logging into the computer as an administrator.

------------begin quote of popup message---------------------
Elevated Privileges

When User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on Vista, Application Sharing in Blackboard Collaborate may be hosted with either standard or elevated privileges. Elevated privileges are required to share applications that use elevated privileges.

Elevated privileges are acquired via Tools > Application Sharing > Request Elevated Privileges. They can be relinquished via Tools > Application Sharing > Yield Elevated Privileges (return you to standard privileges). If you are hosting a application sharing session with standard privileges and you (or a person remotely controlling your desktop or application) perform an action that requires elevated privileges, Vista will prompt you for consent via a UAC consent dialog. this will cause the application sharing session to terminate. Also, without elevated Privileges, sharing of application will require more host CPU time than sharing the desktop (all of it or a region).

If you are hosting an application sharing session with elevated privileges and you perform an action that requires elevated privileges, Vista will not prompt you for consent. Instead, the action automatically will be either denied (if you are logged on as a standard user) or allowed (if you are logged on as an administrator).

[select box] Never show this dialog again.  [button - OK]
------------end quote of popup message---------------------