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D2L Dropbox "Confirmation Email" - is it real?

It can be tricky when a student claims to have submitted a file to the Dropbox, and even produces a "confirmation email" to prove it -- yet User Progress shows no submissions.

Here are a few thoughts on troubleshooting:

Dropbox History

The LTC can check the student's view of the Dropbox, to see whether the student-view history shows any submissions for the Dropboxes in question. Even if the file was submitted and accidentally deleted, the History would show that it was deleted.

Confirmation Email

When a file is successfully submitted to the Dropbox in D2L, an email confirmation is generated and sent to the student's UWM email address.

One quick check to make is whether the submission date/time the email was sent is roughly the same time quoted for the successful submission of the file to the Dropbox, in the body of the email.

A second quick check would be to see whether the student's D2L login record (User Progress) shows the student was logged into D2L anytime close to the submission date/time.

The trickiest part of figuring out whether a confirmation email is genuine is this: the student would need to forward (to the instructor or to the LTC) the complete email, WITH original headers (which tell the real story of when and where it originated).

Procedure for the STUDENT to follow, in order to forward useful information to the LTC:

1. In PantherLink, click "Preferences"

2. Choose [Mail], then [Composing]

3. Under "Settings" choose [Reply/forward using format of the original message]

4. On the same screen, under "Forwarding" choose [include original message as an attachment]

5. [Save] the changes to the Preferences area

6. From the PantherLink "Inbox," right-click on the confirmation email

7. Choose the option to "forward"

8. In the "to" field, type LTC@uwm.edu

9. Include a message referencing the instructor's conversation with the LTC regarding the Dropbox

10. Hit "Send"

Once we get the forwarded confirmation email, the instructor or the LTC can right-click to see the information about where the message was sent from and where it was delivered to.